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  2. They’re active on LinkedIn

  3. Yelp and/or Foursquare

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  5. Focus on Specificity and Relevancy

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  7. 94% have a cellphone; 46% have a smartphone

  8. Golfers hate taking part in with companions who complain all day long

However it has still proved problematic, particularly for adults who are susceptible to addictive conduct or have pre-current mental well being issues. Social media is addictive. Internet addiction isn't officially listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Guide of Psychological Disorders (DSM), the mental well being profession’s information to classifying psychological disorders. Social media invites us to compare ourselves with others.

For folks with vanity points and insecurities, listening to about different people’s happiness and successes can deepen emotions of inferiority. It’s simple to forget that social media posts, like photographs of air-brushed models in magazines, can current an idealized, heavily edited version of what’s truly going on. In addition, some determine their self-value based mostly on their variety of Facebook pals or how many likes, shares, or different interactions they receive.

Social media is detrimental to face-to-face interplay. It’s laborious to not be concerned if you see a group of people sitting together, every engrossed in his or her personal smartphone or iPad constantly scrolling through their news feed. And studies indicate that irresponsible use of social media can have that effect.

Another one of many cons of social media the viral nature of content distribution. It allows unreliable/false information as well as indiscreet remarks and pictures to spread quickly. As soon as something’s on the market, you can’t take it again. As with every healthy relationship, use of social media ought to have its boundaries.

In the end, whether social media is “good” or “bad”/“healthy” or “unhealthy” for a person’s mental well being and properly-being is immediately related to how they're used (or abused), by whom, and to some extent by who is passing judgment. Key to enjoying the benefits while avoiding the problems is to make use of these powerful instruments sensibly, constructively, and in moderation. Like meals, which we truly can’t stay with out, the correct selections in the correct amounts keep individuals healthy and satisfied, whereas poor choices and excess consumption can lead to important, potentially life-threatening health circumstances.